Dilution Nozzle

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Dilution Nozzle

Introduced in 2004, the ORAMAC JL-II Dilution Nozzle offers a streamlined and simplified approach to achieving an efficient, low maintenance dilution process. The nozzle delivers filtrate to the retention tower, in a manner similar to a conventional nozzle. However, by eliminating all of the moving parts, there is a significant reduction in associated maintenance and energy costs.

The JL-II Dilution Nozzle features a single piece nozzle element that adjusts rotationally in 45 degree increments. The three piece assembly includes the mounting base and flanged elbow. The nozzle can install to an existing housing or a new one can be supplied.

This design offers years of maintenance-free service to your pulp mill equipment, at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding an existing, conventional dilution nozzle.

  • Simplified design
  • No springs to replace, no diaphragm to fail
  • Check Valve installed upstream protects dilution ring from backflow
  • Costs less to manufacture, providing substantial savings over conventional designs
  • Efficient, low maintenance dilution process
  • Available in all metallurgies
  • Expect a quick payback and very substantial, ongoing maintenance benefits

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