Parts, Components, & Kits

Spare Parts

ORAMAC’s Spare Parts capabilities for Pulp Washing Equipment include replacements for all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Fit and workmanship are always guaranteed 100% – whether you need a direct replacement, custom or rebuilt part for your pulp mill equipment.

Your part will be engineered for a perfect fit and manufactured to standards that meet or exceed your OEM part, often at a significant savings.

ORAMAC can also rebuild many parts and components to support pulp washing equipment. 

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Replacement Parts Service

ORAMAC offers an extraordinary program for replacement parts. On maintenance shutdowns, at the request of the customer, ORAMAC arrives at the mill site with an assortment of appropriate parts that, as work inspections progress, may be required to complete maintenance tasks. These consignment part boxes (sometimes referred to as maintenance kits) are a convenient and cost-effective way of ensuring that maintenance and repairs are completed efficiently. Parts not used are simply returned to ORAMAC and restocked at no charge to the customer. This service enables us to complete work without delay in the event of a parts shortage.

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Some of the parts we provide:

  • Journal Seal Assemblies & Replacement parts
  • ORAMAC Trunnion Oil Seals
    • Retainer Ring
    • Flinger Ring
  • DF-II Seal Assemblies & Replacement parts
  • ORAMAC Showers
    • Orifices
    • Deflection Lips
    • Mounting Hardware
  • Longitudinal Seals
  • Repulper Drive Seals
  • Doctor Blade End Seals
  • Center Valve Lip Seals
  • Vat End Seal
  • Worm Screw Oil Seals
  • Tailshaft Oil Seals
  • Gearcases
    • Bull Gears & Worm Shafts
    • Bronze & Micarta Bushings
    • Universal Oil Scrapers
    • Helical Gears & Pinions
  • Center Valve Parts
    • Solid & Slotted Shoes
    • Connection Links
    • Knife Holder Blades
  • Replacement Hardware
    • Lockwashers & Lock Nuts
    • Compression Springs
    • Shim Sets
  • Inner Bearing Supports & Carbon Bushing Assemblies
  • Bearing Housings, Seals & Bushings
  • Stainless Steel Banding
  • DVA Nose Cups & Sleeves


The design of many seals on the market today cause damage and wear to equipment, which increases your maintenance budget. ORAMAC seals reduce the amount of damage done to your equipment which reduces unnecessary maintenance and repairs, saving you money.

ORAMAC Premium Oil Seal

The ORAMAC Premium Oil Seal consists of a single, molded piece, operating free of any springs or retaining elements. The design is profiled for a stable fit at the Gearcase, providing an enhanced sealing lip, which is effective even on badly grooved Trunnion surfaces.

The seal is effective on worn trunnions, imposes less wear during operation, and provides longer service life. THERE IS NO BETTER SEAL AVAILABLE TODAY.

  • Enhanced sealing lip that is effective even on badly worn Trunnions
  • Imposes far less wear on equipment surfaces
  • No springs or retaining elements
  • Reduced oil loss, less downtime, streamlined gearcase maintenance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

ORAMAC Journal Seals

ORAMAC Journal Seals provide an efficient alternative to conventional packing on Trunnions, Tail shafts, and Repulper Shafts. These seals can extend the life of your pulp washing machinery because they eliminate the wear imposed by packing.

The seals are available in materials that withstand brownstock and bleach services, and install in a fraction of the time it takes to replace packing.

The enhanced design includes a seal retainer which aids in maintaining seal position. The Flush Ring lubricates the seal which greatly reduces the amount of friction on the packing sleeve. The optional Flow Meter allows for superior control over water pressure being applied to the seal; the correct psi is crucial to the effectiveness of the seal.

  • Imposes less wear on sealing surfaces than conventional packing
  • Lasts longer than packing
  • For Trunnions, Tail shafts and Repulper Shafts
  • Optional Flow Meter controls the water flush to assure the seal is kept clear of pulp
  • Seal Retainer helps maintain seal position

ORAMAC DF-II Seals (for Discharge Valve Assemblies)

The DF-II Seal is a mechanical seal installed at the Discharge Valve and Trunnion. The Seal was designed to replace packing at the Discharge Valve.

This unique design uses air to provide uniform application of pressure around the seal. Sealing is accomplished by presenting a beveled surface to the inner corner of the trunnion’s wear sleeve. This system not only provides a more effective vacuum seal, it also extends the life of your equipment by reducing the wear caused by packing.

  • The user-friendly design solves adjustment and vacuum loss problems
  • Replaces packing at the Discharge Valve
  • Eliminates damage caused by packing
  • Uses air to provide uniform application of pressure around the Seal

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Providing retrofits for all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) washing systems, the ORAMAC line of components is 100% guaranteed for fit, quality and performance.

We specialize in solving customers’ problems and can provide custom modifications to improve the performance and service life of many components. Oramac has the capabilities to rebuild many parts and components to support pulp washing equipment.

  • Oramac Pulp Washing Showers
  • JL-II Dilution Nozzle
  • Discharge Valve Assembly (DVA) all styles
  • Doctor Blades – Hydro, Air & Combination
  • Repulper Screws all styles
  • Take Off Rolls (link to doctor page)
  • Packing Panels
  • Vat Inserts
  • Vats
  • Wire Cleaning Shower
  • ORAMAC Hildi-Arm for Refiner Plate Change-out

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Doctor Blades

The ORAMAC Doctor Blade is stronger, resulting in significantly reduced deflection along its length. Design improvements at the internal structures have enhanced rigidity, while maintaining external dimensions. The result is a Blade that provides efficient and trouble-free take-off, while maintaining critical clearances.

Depending on your application, ORAMAC will supply Hydro or Pneumatic Doctors, or a Blade that will convert as your processes or production requirements change. All spare parts, components and technical service are available from ORAMAC.

ORAMAC Doctor Assemblies are designed, engineered and manufactured in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A

We monitor quality at every stage of your project and maintain standards that are unexcelled in the industry. The quality and performance of every ORAMAC Blade is guaranteed.


Take-off Rolls and Doctor/Scraper Blades can be supplied new, 
or rebuilt to provide additional service life at a fraction of the cost 
of new equipment.

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Repulper Options

ORAMAC supplies new and rebuilt Repulper Screws. Conveyor screw and intermediate rotor styles are available in all grades of Stainless Steel. Always Manufactured to OEM specifications with a superior lead-time and competitive pricing.

Conveyor Screws can be supplied with solid (left) or notched and folder (right) flights


ORAMAC offers Repulper Drive Conversions, which can be a great solution to the many maintenance headaches traditional drives present.

On the drive end of the Repulper the Worm Gear Assembly is replaced with a Shaft Mounted Drive and a new Bearing Assembly (left). On the tending end, the new arrangement consists of a Poly Chain Belt which will not create metal contamination (right).


ORAMAC can supply new Repulper Vats in any metallurgy. Designed to fit your equipment.

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