Pulp Washing Shower System

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Pulp Washing Shower System

Performance, flexibility and durability are provided in a simplified and smarter Pulp Washing Shower System. The ORAMAC Pulp Washing Shower’s patented design features an innovative nozzle and lip assembly, designed for maximum hydraulic efficiency and superior chemical recovery. The lips diffuse the flow in a broad, fan shaped pattern, while a unique mounting system creates an overlapping flow pattern across the face of the mat.

The Pulp Washing Shower Bars and lips feature a sturdy metal construction that withstands the wear and tear of service, installation and maintenance in harsh pulp mill environments.

  • Lips diffuse the flow in broad, fan-shaped patterns
  • Unique mounting system creates an overlapping flow pattern
  • Metal distribution lips provide maximum durability
  • Adjustable flow rates to accommodate your mill’s requirements
  • 8 sizes of replacement nozzles
  • Protection from plastic contamination, no exposed plastic parts that can break off
  • Tough enough to stand up to interferences from the mat
  • Nozzle system utilizes self-lubricating PVDF to reduce scaling and plugging

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