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Rebuilding a part or component can extend the life of your pulp mill equipment at a rate comparable to a new, replacement component, often at half the cost.

The rebuild service offered by ORAMAC extends well beyond repair or refurbish. Every project is carefully analyzed to determine the impact of the rebuild process on critical dimensions. Our technicians are experts at assessing the affects of processes on the strength and corrosion resistant properties of materials.

We Can Rebuild:

Discharge Valve Assemblies

  • Available for FRP & Metal valves.
  • A remanufactured FRP Valve will provide service life comparable to a new one, often at less than half the cost.
  • Reclaim original structural and dimensional integrity.
  • We also supply new replacement valves if a rebuild is not suitable.


  • Relining services.
  • Replacement of Vat Wall Inserts, Packing Panels and Motor Bases.
  • Repair excessive wear at the Vat that can weaken support structure for the Gearcase.
  • Dual metallurgy options available to lower costs.

Carbon Bushing Assemblies

  • Fraction of the cost of a new replacement.
  • Verify critical dimensions of the housing and replace damaged Carbon Bushing with a new one.

Washer Drums

  • On-site rebuild services, or performed at our location
  • Options for partial rebuild and repairs
  • Complete rebuilds can be performed in phases to accommodate downtime constraints.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Washer Drums

  • ORAMAC offers the most comprehensive rebuild service available for FRP washer drums.


  • Rebuilds can now be completed on-site utilizing a portable Journal Lathe
  • Off-site rebuilds


  • Can be rebuilt with ORAMAC Parts to OEM specifications
  • Options for partial rebuild and repairs

Tail Shafts

  • Can be rebuilt with ORAMAC Parts to OEM specifications
  • Options include new Bearings, Seals, and Bearing Housing

Contact Us for more information on our Rebuilding services.